Online marketing isn’t that complex, but it isn’t simple either. You have to pay attention to your online presence. With our audit and subsequent plan of action we build for you, you’ll have a complete picture of your current online presence and a roadmap to help you do the things you need to do to dominate your market.


We developed our specialized coaching program to meet the needs of the growing remodeling company. We educate, train and coach a remodeler’s in-house marketing staff to develop a strategic marketing plan and install marketing systems. The result is a comprehensive marketing solution that provides excellent value and..


We believe in “strategy before tactics”. You wouldn’t remodel a house without careful planning; marketing is the same. No matter what marketing tactics you are executing — online or print ads, email marketing or direct mail, etc. — not having a smart strategy in place is like an architect designing a building without considering..

Build Results With Proven Duct Tape Marketing System

At Gusiff Marketing Group (GMG) we use Duct Tape Marketing, an efficient, effective system to build a business marketing strategy that is tailored to each company we work with. We walk our clients through the stages and steps of the system and they quickly, painlessly see their strategies come together. As our client, no matter how marketing savvy you are, there will be “ah-ha” moments throughout your experience working with us and you will be motivated to go through the system as you experience the height you gain with each step you take. It’s a powerful, provocative experience for anyone who wants their business to succeed and respects the power of marketing with a sound strategic plan. Tour our website to find out more about how we work and who we are and then set up your free 30 minute consultation so you can experience us first hand and get a glimpse into how we can help you and your business succeed.
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