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About Ann

Ann_GusiffAnn Gusiff is a seasoned marketing strategist who brings fresh understanding, passion and experience to small business owners ready to market the right way. She rolls up her sleeves and absorbs herself in her client’s business to build a marketing strategy that is unique and tailored to that particular business.
Ann spent years working in brand management for small businesses such as Dep Corporation and Leiner Health Products, realizing the power of marketing with a good strategy and gaining a deep understanding of marketing cause and effect. She went on to earn her MBA in marketing and entrepreneurial studies from UCLA Anderson, where she was one of 4 in her first year class selected to be a member of an entrepreneurial team that would meet monthly to work on their own start-ups and meet successful small business owners. It was during this time that Ann realized her passion to combine her very successful marketing sense with her personal and professional knowledge of running a small business and helping others succeed.
Ann knows first-hand the challenges small business owners face. Clothes The Deal, a 501(c)3 nonprofit Ann founded out of her garage almost 20 years ago, continues to provide interview attire to hundreds of thousands of job seekers in Southern California.
Ann’s strong business foundation, personal start-up experiences, and her unique ability to see others’ perspectives and help their business grow stronger, led her to found Gusiff Marketing Group. She has a natural strength working with people who are passionate to succeed but what makes her stand out from other marketing strategists is the value she places on finding the most efficient way to use available time, money and resources. Ann is a problem solver and a creative thinker with a drive to get the work done and witness her clients succeed. She is organized, logical, analytical and personable at the same time–not a set of qualities often found together! From the moment you meet Ann, she will put you at ease and guide you in the process of leading your business to success.

About Our Team

At Gusiff Marketing Group we believe that it’s in our clients’ best interests to have access to just the right expert for marketing services. Our team of providers come well-qualified to meet your needs. During the course of a marketing engagement with Gusiff Marketing Group, you may need a solution that requires a specific skill. And that’s why this team approach works so well. Whether it’s a project such as a website or ongoing marketing support, we’ll help find the solution.


Our team of experts includes:

Web Design and SEO

Graphic Design

Social Media

Content Creation

Email Marketing

Administrative Support