Core Differences and Benefits

“Marketing is not an emergency, it’s a planned, thoughtful exercise…” – Seth Godin, business author and entrepreneur.

What differentiates GMG is our approach to marketing. We are a collaborative consulting group that provides you with marketing solutions that set your business up for success. WHAT you say, HOW you say it, and WHO you say it to is crucially important to determine before you decide WHERE to say it and that’s what differentiates GMG from others in the marketing field.

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time” –Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker.

Think of your marketing strategy as your target, your tactics as your arrows. Build a good target and your arrow, or tactic, will hit the bulls-eye every time. For your business, this analogy is a winning game changer and for GMG, it’s what makes us stand out to our clients. We put ourselves in your position, we understand the pressures of running a business, and we know the importance and value of marketing. We provide a successful client experience for you and, ultimately, your customers so you can hit that target every time.

Working with GMG to apply Duct Tape Marketing methodology, you will…

  • Experience your confidence soar in brand recognition
  • Create marketing materials that are clear, concise, consistent
  • Watch your most enjoyable and profitable customers flock to your business
  • See your marketing initiatives happen on time, every month
  • Confidently consider that someone besides you can run the marketing of your business

As the name implies, Duct Tape Marketing creates marketing that is simple, effective, affordable – a durable system for your company’s marketing strategy.