Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst Program

Our Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst Program is designed to help your business get more exposure, more traction and ultimately
more leads. The central building block of this program is the creation of a modern marketing website. From this foundational element we will begin to create marketing assets such as content, social media engagement, marketing materials and the necessary functions to attract and convert leads to customers.

We design and customize programs to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our approach is much different than you will find with other marketing and business consultants. We take proven Duct Tape Marketing systems and align them with a collaborative consulting methodology that allows us to work most effectively together by installing a series of steps that when done consistently will produce measurable results.

Marketing Catalyst graphic


The Catalyst Program is the right option for you if you’re a builder or remodeler looking for a comprehensive marketing strategy and tactical plan. You may not have a full-time marketing associate in the company, but you know you need someone who is dedicated to getting the marketing done for you. Our typical Catalyst clients have $2,000,000 – $10,000,000 in annual revenue and are looking to significantly grow in the next few years. They understand the importance of staying on top of marketing with a customized approach that takes into account current marketing tools, industry marketing trends and their clients’ wants and needs. The result is a relationship with the client at the center and a plan put into action.