Houzz and NARI – Making the Most of Your NARI Membership

Want to get more value from your North Bay NARI membership? Read on for tips on leveraging Houzz to do just that (and drive more traffic to your Houzz profile!)

We all know that Houzz is one of the most influential social platforms for homeowners about to take on a remodel project. We also know that Houzz has a large sales force offering several paid packages for professionals to show up more prominently. But did you know that simply working on your profile also has benefits that pay off in search results? You don’t have to pay to boost your profile. A simple way is to connect with us and other members on Houzz.

Here are 6 things you can do to connect with North Bay NARI while you’re logged in to your Houzz profile:

1) Follow North Bay NARI

If you have a profile on Houzz, chances are good that we’ve already followed you. Please follow us back! And if we haven’t, we’ll be sure to. Building your followers is a great way to build authority on Houzz.

North Bay NARI logo


2) Add NARI as an Affiliation

Add North Bay NARI as an affiliation from your Houzz profile. Within your profile you can scroll down to find the Affiliations section. Type in “North Bay NARI” and then click “ADD”. While you’re at it, you should also add NARI National. These badges will show up and look good on your profile. Not a North Bay NARI member yet? Well, maybe it’s time to take the leap! We’re worth it!)

Screenshot of adding Affiliations on Houzz


Go to this link on Houzz for more information.

3) Leave us a Review

We all know how reviews influence users and add credibility. Please take a few minutes to leave us a review about your experience with NARI and maybe mention some of the benefits you see from being a member. All you need to do is go to the “Reviews” tab in our profile, click the “Review Me” button and type away!

Image of a "Review Me" Button
4) Share a Few Photos with Us

We are collecting up to 3 photos from each of our members and putting them into one or more Projects on our North Bay NARI profile. These photos rotate in various places as they’re connected to our Houzz profile. We ask that you choose 3 photos that represent the type of work you’re going after. We’ll be going through them and creating a few Projects. The benefit is that these Projects show up prominently on the profile page. The downside is that the individual photos are considered distinct from the same photo posted to your profile. As a result, the number of “Saves” will be tallied separately. To participate, please email ann@gusiff.com and she’ll coordinate a Dropbox link with you.


5) We’re Leveraging Ideabooks

You may already use Ideabooks with your clients, and so you know how handy they are to share styles, design choices, colors and more. We’re doing Ideabooks a bit differently so we can share our members’ photos to those who come to our North Bay NARI profile. We have begun save photos from our members’ projects into Ideabooks by going to Projects in their profiles and scrolling through for the photos with the highest number of “Saves”. The plan is to save about 8 – 10 photos from each of our members into Ideabooks sorted by spaces, such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, or Outdoor Spaces. This way, when we get folks coming to our North Bay NARI profile, they can scroll through some of the fine work that our members are doing, giving the organization credibility; and if they click on a photo they go to your profile. If there are photos from specific projects that you’d like us to share, let us know. It’s more work for us to do it, but we can probably set up a screenshare and have you direct us to the photos quickly.

6) Connect with Other Members

… of North Bay NARI on Houzz by following, reviewing and sharing. Spread the Houzz love!

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