Marketing Coaching Program for Remodelers

NEW IN 2019

Over the years, we have found the most effective engagements are those where someone in-house is responsible for marketing and systems are put in place. An in-house marketing administrator is able to handle the details of various marketing programs more effectively than an outside agency. We have always worked to train our clients to understand marketing so they can make better decisions and focus efforts on marketing that attracts their ideal clients.

In the case of Remodeling Contractors, we have seen that Marketing Administrators (MAs) typically don’t come to the position with previous marketing experience. Many have been assigned to handle marketing and often have other responsibilities that demand their attention and time. In most cases, the boss isn’t much more of an expert, although they’re the one in charge of spending. And in nearly every case there’s no strategic marketing plan guiding decisions. At worst there’s an untrained staff person reluctantly handling marketing projects with no clear goals, expected to bring in prospects, reporting to a boss who is shelling out thousands of dollars every month without knowing if it’s working. At best there’s a dedicated MA who has considered what the company needs and has cobbled together a variety of tactics that are working to bring in enough new clients to keep crews busy and the company growing. Either way, there isn’t the peace of mind that comes from following a strategic approach to marketing with expert guidance and proven methodology.

We developed our specialized coaching program specifically to meet the needs of the growing remodeling company, with a comprehensive marketing solution that provides excellent value and lasting results.


3 Pillars of the MA Coaching Program –

1) STRATEGIC APPROACH – At GMG we live by “strategy before tactics”. Everything we do in marketing comes from a strategic viewpoint to attract the right prospects and move them along the buyer journey. We utilize the Duct Tape Marketing methodology and apply strategic thinking to the choice of all marketing tactics, meaning that every decision to spend money will be considered with the ideal client in mind.

2) ETC – EDUCATE, TRAIN, COACH – We work with marketing administrators who may not have any formal marketing training. We educate the MA about marketing with modules on specific topics related to remodelers marketing. We train on how to do the marketing. And we coach the MA through the process at every step. The MA’s understanding and knowledge of their company’s business, customers, projects and marketing is inherently valuable to successful marketing. Coaching includes 2 hours per month of one-on-one time using online meeting software.

3) MARKETING SYSTEMS – We provide a systematic approach to marketing and coach the MA on building and implementing systems customized to your company’s needs (with support of the owner and others). At the center is the creation of a binder on how to do all the marketing – routines, standard operating procedures, etc. This ensures that marketing can be repeatable and is not dependent on any particular employee to maintain.


HOW WE WORK – We involve the business owner or key management team so that goals are clearly defined at the highest level and the direction of marketing supports those goals. Each month we provide 2 hours of one-on-one coaching directly with the in-house MA who implements marketing programs and we report progress through regular emails. Using the Duct Tape Marketing methodology and the latest in marketing, we have created and ever-growing library of modules to address any aspect of marketing that a remodeling company will encounter. Each module includes short videos, handouts, worksheets and templates that allow the MA to learn concepts and apply the learning in your business. The videos are designed to be viewed in advance of the one-on-one coaching so that the MA has the chance to ask questions about what they may need help with as well as talking through how this applies to the company and what their next steps are.



SAVE MONEY – Employ an entry-level marketing person to do the marketing under the guidance of GMG without the high cost of hiring a Marketing Director. Leverage GMG and DTM expertise and systems to function at a higher level. Stop wasting money on tactics that aren’t working. Measure to make adjustments and invest in the right marketing tactics.

BETTER DECISIONS – Our coaching program will help you and your MA say “no” and “yes” with confidence. Small businesses are constantly bombarded by people who want you to spend money on their tactic. Rarely do they consider whether their service is a good fit for you; they’re trying to make money. As our client and taking a strategic approach, you and your staff will be able to discern what makes sense to spend on and what doesn’t. Using one-on-one coaching your MA can bring up any opportunities and get advice on what to take advantage of or not.

PEACE OF MIND – Knowing that you’ve got GMG looking out for your best interests and bringing the latest tools to the table means that you can get back to working at what you do best. Giving your MA the support they need to thrive and do their job well means that they’re more productive and more satisfied.

Does this sound like your situation? If so, then let’s hop on a discovery call.

INVESTMENT: $997/month, minimum 6-month commitment