Architect Goes Beyond “Designing Beauty” to Stand Out from Competitors

Case Study – Michael Rex Architects

When I first started working on marketing with Michael Rex and the team and Michael Rex Architects, I asked a question I ask all my clients, “What do you do for a living?” I’m looking for an answer beyond the expected, “I’m an architect” or “I design great buildings”. Michael said, “We design beauty and create joy.” And they do. But it’s not what a prospect is looking for as they select an architect. And so we began working on strategy.

We dove into the Duct Tape Marketing strategy sessions and came up with more meaningful phrases based on phone surveys with existing and past clients. “We get projects built” is part of what sets the firm apart because of the challenges that the Southern Marin hillsides present to architects and builders. We heard from clients that had wasted money paying for designs that were beautiful, but couldn’t get through the permit process.

We conducted client surveys and other exercises to come up with what makes Michael Rex Architects different. We then brought in a wordsmith to develop their core difference into something that could be used in their marketing materials to attract their ideal clients. The wordsmith came up with seven words that speak directly to the ideal client.

  • Achitecture done right.
  • Impeccable credentials.
  • Impressive results.

We’ve put these three phrases into a glossy marketing book made affordable through Blurb’s online self-publishing. The book is given to serious prospects, often when Michael is meeting with someone on site. It speaks directly to the ideal prospective client through striking images with limited, but carefully crafted copy. The images and copy, such as testimonials from clients, contractors, engineers and real estate agents guide the prospective clients to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST the firm. At the back of the book is an image of the staff with a caption of how long each has worked for the firm.

My client is thrilled with the high quality of prospective clients the book is helping to attract. And a few weeks ago he said that the teenage son of a prospective client took a look at the book and said, “Mom, we have to hire this guy to design our house.”

Without marketing strategy, we could have put together a slick book with images that are attractive. However, it was through tackling strategy that we were able to create a piece that attracts the ideal client and guides them through the Marketing Hourglass.

To view a digital version of the marketing book, CLICK HERE.