NARI Certifications Improve Your Bottom Line

National Association of the Remodeling Industry logoDid you know that NARI has online Certification Programs to improve your business? As a NARI member you can take advantage of their 9 certification programs that cover general remodeling to specialties, green and universal design certifications.

We recently caught up with North Bay NARI member Zac Rempe of Rempe Construction about their NARI Certifications and why they continue to have their Project Managers (PMs) participate. Here’s what we learned.

They’ve got 6 people in the company, including Zac, who’ve gone through the 8-week training for CRPM (Certified Remodeling Project Manager). And one more who’s new and will be training soon.

Zac shared that his PMs grew up on the job and didn’t have the perspective of what happens back in the office. He said the certification training teaches about the industry and other stakeholders and can fill in gaps of learning. Furthermore, there’s only so much information that can come from the boss and having it taught by an outside organization really helps. He added that the training reinforces a lot of what they already do at Rempe Construction and backs up what he tells his guys. Overall, Rempe PMs are better qualified to serve their high-end remodeling clients and do a better job, which results in more satisfied clients, increased profits and employee retention.

When asked what he’d say to a contractor considering getting certified, Zac said, “Do it! Because over the 8-week course, even if you’re seasoned or not, they always give you reassurance to different ways of doing things, from trouble-shooting to what your contract covers to how to work effectively with a homeowner. There are things you never thought of.”

Here’s what the site cites as reasons to become certified:

  • Greater and more consistent profits
  • Higher efficiencies
  • More likely to succeed
  • Networking and sharing of information
  • Powerful marketing tool
  • Better trained employees who are up-to-date with tools, techniques, trends and materials and focused on quality with a sense of pride in their work

In a nutshell, it’s about committing to learning more to be better at your craft, including all aspects of the business, inside and out.

Thinking of getting certified? Here’s what you need to know to get started.

  • Check out the NARI site to see which certification(s) would make sense for you. Go to and click on Education Programs.
  • Talk to other NB NARI members who have certifications. Some of them include: Paul Barkley, Bill Johnson, Steve and Zac Rempe.