Strategy First Blueprint

At Gusiff Marketing Group we believe in “strategy before tactics”. You wouldn’t remodel a house without careful planning; marketing is the same. No matter what marketing tactics you are executing — online or print ads, email marketing or direct mail, etc. — not having a smart strategy in place is like an architect designing a building without considering the landscape, surrounding environment, and climate. Companies that take the time to develop a sound marketing strategy are more likely to succeed and that’s why with all our clients we address Strategy First.

Our Strategy First Blueprint package uses a systematic approach and proven Duct Tape Marketing methodology to create a customized roadmap for next steps. From there you’ll know where to focus your marketing to meet your goals and for best return on investment.

What’s included:

  1. Initial Getting Started Discovery Meeting – During this call we’ll learn about your current marketing efforts as well as future goals and objectives.
  2. Total Online Presence Audit– The engagement begins with an audit of your current online presence which includes a look at website journey, SEO, keywords, content, social media, and ratings and reviews.
  3. Client Interviews – 5 ideal client and/or employee interviews.  You will receive access to high-level summaries, ideal client profiles, and a big promise to help direct your core message.
  4. Competitive Research – We’ll study your top 3 competitors and create high-level summaries and a report on their strengths and weaknesses
  5. Core Message – Create the positioning and messaging strategy to build on
  6. Content Calendar Plan – Based on our keyword research we’ll build a content strategy using our “hub” pages approach that will allow you to map out 6 – 12 months of content as part of your ongoing marketing efforts.
  7. Marketing Hourglass – Using our proprietary Marketing Hourglass, we’ll help you create a roundmap of suggested marketing tactics for each phase of the customer buying journey: Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer
  8. High-level Strategies – From our research and an audit of your existing marketing and online presence, we’ll recommend 4 – 6 of your highest-level strategies identified and mapped out as next steps
  9. Presentation of Findings – Once we complete our work, we’ll schedule a time to meet with you and your team via video chat to deliver the items above and map out what we believe is the best strategic approach for you to take with your marketing. From this point, you’ll have options for how you put our recommendations into action.

Strategy First wheel


The entire process takes about 30 – 40 days and involves 3 meetings with you and your team. When you receive our findings, you’ll have a clear direction for standing out and attracting the ideal cleint, as well as a roadmap of the most effective tactics to support your strategy.

Would you like to get started? Contact Ann at or 415-497-8974.